APIs that serve the web / mobile applications are a complete system in itself. We help you create this vital backbone for your apps – both web & mobile. We plan with the right kind of database, frameworks & server specs that will work efficiently, and scales up nicely if there is a sudden surge in demand.

We can build the complete backend / API system in a cloud, all tightly integrated & with multi-level security. The backend management is crucial for the success of your app. Keeping the running cost within limits is also as important as building it. We will help on both the counts.

With a workable dashboard, you can find the performance of your application at a glance. And you can prepare ahead for the peak & low times of your app user cycle. We will process various logs & monitoring data and present in easily understandable graphs & charts.

Handling the messages & notifications to your app users can be scaled up separately. From using a third-party solution to managing a separate cloud setup for this vital updates to user, we will grow this all important user communication feature as the demand grows.

Multi-level backups of data & code will be built into the system, right from planning stage and will be automated for the most part. Plan for bounce back from equipment failure & re-constructing the setup elsewhere is prepared with focus on minimal downtime as possible within budget.

Testing the setup for expected traffic loads & confirmed with standardized testing procedures. Security testing will also be carried out with auto generated reports.