We Make Apps
( Mobile & Web )

We are a full-stack app development agency. We can evolve a project, right from concept, and turn it into a full blown application. We build secure APIs, Web frontends and native apps in Android, iOS. We can implement the project backend in a secure cloud setup that meets all standards. Not just that, we will also future proof them, make it easier to grow / scale up.

Stages of action
in App Development

Concept & Planning

Discussions. Approaching the project from various angles. Possibilities of expanding the usage. Planning on phased development. Identifying suitable tools & platforms.

Integrating services

Using established services from various providers.  Making it work seamlessly with other services & the app.  Taking care of the connectivity & security.

Build / Modify

Build the app from ground up.  Or sometimes re-create it from scratch to make it efficient. Modify to add additional features.

Scheduled Deliveries

Scheduling workable product milestones in pre-set time frame.  Foreseeing issues to be solved.  Identifying & working around the bottlenecks that may delay the app development.

Backup Plan

Scheduled backup of code, database & user files in preset intervals.  Deciding on incremental & full backup schedules.  Planning for quickest restore time possible on a new cloud.


Monitoring the traffic load & volume space in cloud.  Planning auto scaling or increase in capacity ahead of reaching maximum levels.   Managing cloud cost to the minimum with best server performance.

Turn Ideas into Workable Projects